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Fenx is an urban artist born in 1974 in the Paris suburbs. He lives and works in France.


When he was a teenager, he was involved in the Street Art Movement: he was passionate about graffiti, hip hop and skateboarding.


In 1995 he took the pseudonym Fenx. A rebel spirit, he started making graffiti as a way to defy the forbidden.


Submerged in the 1980s culture (manga, superheroes, comics) Fenx switched little by little from murals in urban spots to works canvas, a support that allows him create permanent pieces.


He is inspired by artists such as Lichtenstein, Warhol and Crash.


He reinterprets masterpieces of the Pop Art movement and captures a certain urban energy and atmosphere in his paintings, introducing a reflection on our society through hidden phrases, suggestive details or the titles he gives to his works.

lola artist agent

Grand Central Disco Party


Acrylic on Canvas

80’’ x 63’’

200 x 160 cm

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