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Alec Monopoly (American) is the alias of the anonymous Los Angeles-based graffiti artist, known for his subversive appropriation of iconic pop figures and signature depiction of the Monopoly board game mascot character. By combining elements of the game’s characters with financially apocalyptic clippings from newspapers, the artist satirically blends Pop Art with cultural criticism and social commentary.

Paintings and Sculptures available upon request


Using the urban environments of New York City, Los Angeles, and London as his canvas, Monopoly exposes issues with bureaucratic hierarchies and the American collective consciousness.


Having achieved international renown, he has been commissioned for high-profile projects with The W Hotel, Vitamin Water, Avicii, and CoverGirl. Unlike other street artists, Monopoly avoids vandalism- often painting on abandoned buildings and warehouses rather than government properties or businesses. His adoption of the board game character Mr. Monopoly as his mascot was inspired by the stockbroker Bernie Madoff, and is intended as a criticism of the billion-dollar bailouts and de-regulation associated with major banks.

Monopoly has exhibited both nationally and internationally. He took part in Art Basel Miami Beach in 2010, Art Basel Hong Kong in 2015, and opened his first solo show in May 2015 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bangkok. Originally from New York City, he has lived and worked Los Angeles since 2006.


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