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One of the most influential street artists to emerge from New York City, DAIN intriguingly combines the visual language of graffiti with old Hollywood glamour.


Often mingling a female visage with male fashion, he creates distinct pieces with characteristics known only to his works.

DAIN selects black and white images that speak to him, often not knowing the subject of the photo but choosing an image in which he finds the eyes outstanding.


With a love for 1940s and 50s Hollywood glamour, his work reflects appreciation for an era when women dressed beautifully, revealing very little and leaving much to the imagination.


DAIN works single pieces between the street and studio, and combines wheat pasting, silk screening, spray paint, collage and acrylic.


He commences the process with collage, the foundation for the piece, using a photo that he layers with old advertisements, logos, and various images.


He then chooses the colors for the piece after which he paints and layers spray paint onto the work.


He finishes his works with his unmistakable “circle and drip” around the eye, an unintentional trademark yet clearly distinguishing factor of his dynamic works.


Private Collection - Paintings and Prints on request

lola artist agent
lola artist agent



Acrylic, spray paint and photo collage on wood

48'' x 24''

lola artist agent

Helmet Head


Acrylic, spray paint and photo collage on wood

48'' × 32''

Empty Love Nest


Mixed media collage, acrylic and spray paint on canvas

70'' × 48''

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